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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Saturday Scores

Just a quick post on treasure hunting over the weekend. I scouted a sale on Thursday and then went back for half-price Saturday. Here’s what I found:

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The square taupe table cloth was NIB and is Irish linen. It came with four napkins, for a whopping $2.50. It’s beautiful, but it smells of old house, so it will get a good washing. Guess I need to google how to wash linen…

The green teapot (little, short, stout…) and doilies were $2 and $1.50 respectfully.

The flirty red apron is adorable and cost $2 at the semi-annual church sale where we also purchased Liam’s dresser 1.5 years ago. I also bought the checkered curtains at this sale ($2). I hung two in my kitchen and have two left over.

I found some owl paraphernalia in the form of a cast iron wall hook sort of thing ($2.50), and a green and teal pot rest ($2.50).

And finally a 1959 wall calendar with an adorable saying and perfect colors. ($.25)

All in all it was a great weekend. We went to the annual Overland Park Fall Festival and got to watch old Jayhawks play basketball. We even managed to sit down long enough to watch a movie…or two. AND I found time to work on a project that I plan on selling. The office project is on hold until I convince my mom to pack table legs from IKEA in her bag for her flight here next month. It might be working…

Happy hunting! As always, check my Etsy shop for these and other treasures.


You Win Some, You Lose Some

Saturday marked the 6th Annual Great US Hwy 36 Treasure Hunt. I hadn’t heard of this event until my sister-in-law’s father mentioned it to me at our niece’s birthday party about a month ago. He, knowing my mutual love of treasure hunting, thought it would be a great destination for me. I agreed and actually managed to find some time to venture into the great north country to check out the scene. The Treasure Hunt is literally small town after small town filled with garage sales across the entire state of Kansas along Hwy 36. It took us just over an hour to get to the first town, Wathena.

Here, I ran into dream house number 1:

Between towns are miles of wide open farmland and beautiful hills — exactly why I love where I live.

We also saw some remnants of the flooding from the Missouri River.

In Highland, I found dream house number 2. Coincidentally my father lived on the second floor of this house while in college. He paid something like $35/month to live in this home. Of course it was the Seventies.

So the good news of this trip is that I got to get out of town, take a road trip with The Rock Star and our son (who spent most of the time distracted by Baby Einstein DVDs in the car), and spend time with my dad and stepmom, who came along for the ride. I love treasure hunting with my dad. He has a love for antiques and knows a lot about history, so I bring him along for help identifying treasures. He is the first one to jump up when I mention an estate sale, and no matter how I try to wear him out, he’s always right there with me. I will forever cherish these times we spend together.

The not-so-good news is that the treasure hunt wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be. However, I did manage to grab a few items. For instance, this group includes a ceramic hand-painted 1979 owl wall clock ($3), a lovely green pitcher and stand ($1.25), an owl wall hanging ($.75) and an antique Ball Mason jar ($5). I’m particularly ecstatic about the jar. It was my first purchase of the day and though $5 was more than I wanted to spend on it, it looked very old and I was enamored. After some research, I found it dates 1896-1910, which is even older than I thought. Holding a piece of history in my hands like that makes me giddy inside. And I’m not sure if I’ll have the heart to sell it just yet.

I also managed to find a vintage Hull planter ($1), identical to one I just sold in my Etsy store last week for $8.

And a piece I was missing from my church rummage sale vintage china set. The piece I bought is the bowl that looks like a sugar bowl sans the lid. My MIL mentioned she remembers this china being given away in pieces at grocery stores as a child.

And finally, to end the day, and just to prove you’ll run into the funniest things in the country…

Tempting, but we passed. 😉
I also managed to get to an estate sale on Sunday where I found a few more treasures. Here is a mess of ceramic knobs (perfect for all my furniture projects), a 1981 loaf pan and metal holding rack, and a small pottery bowl. Add to this loot a bicycle helmet and the amazingly rustic magazine rack below and the whole lot was $19 at 66% off just minutes before they closed their doors. Sometimes it pays to wait for the best deals.

Overall I consider the weekend a win for family time as well as treasure hunting. Next weekend I should be in full-swing furniture refinishing mode to recoup some of the money spent on treasures. A promised air compressor/paint sprayer combo from Dad for mine and the Rock Star’s birthdays should be just the ticket!

Happy hunting! And as always, you can find my treasures for sale on my Etsy.

Vintage Quilt Fantasticness

Yesterday I mentioned a quilt I found at the sale where I bought our vintage Schwinn bicycles. It was marked at $48 on the first day so there was no way I could afford it. Yet somehow it was still there on day two, at noon, when everything was 50% off. And, they sold it to me for $20 along with an awesome crate that made me think of our friends the Pollocks (mentioned here). They’re getting it whether they like it or not. Anyway, here’s the quilt. I’m in love, but I’ll have to sell it. Those bicycles ain’t gonna pay for themselves!

As always, you can find my treasures at

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Heaven in Downtown Overland Park

When I get to Heaven, I hope it looks something like TLC Thrifty Boutique. Teresa’s collection is simply fabulous, and her prices are great. She moved in to the Downtown Overland Park, KS, strip about a month ago. The strip is really taking off with some one-of-a-kind stores to attract pedestrian traffic as developers look ahead at the revitalization of the area. I’m lucky enough to live within walking distance and ever since Teresa’s store opened, I’ve been dying to go in. I mean just look at what sits outside, begging you to venture in…

I stopped in during a lunch break once and Teresa and I hit it off, seeing as how we share a common passion, and I’ve already gained such valuable knowledge from her in just two visits. She agreed to let me come back and take pictures for Grandma Great’s Treasures. So Liam and I hoofed it out the door (after only minor setbacks of having to clean the stroller, which had been left out in the rain, changing a diaper and loading up all our stuff just to walk down the street) to make it before TLC closed at 6 p.m. But we made it and the weather was simply gorgeous for such a walk as this.

Here are some of my favorite things from TLC Thrifty Boutique…

This adorable small metal desk jumped out at me the first time I laid eyes on it. What a fabulous piece!

You know this particular area called my name. Hello 1950s kitchen! I love absolutely everything.

The cabinet, the mason jars, the, love, love

Teresa recently picked up a load of shelves and they're so fab I want to take them all home!

Loads of smalls in this shop! I heart the radio, of course.

This darling little red shelf would be perfect for so many uses. I heart you little red shelf.

Just to get an idea, this is only about one-third of the shop!

How fantastic is this shop? Next time your near OP or even in KC, make sure you stop at TLC Thrifty Boutique and discover your new favorite second-hand store. Say hi to Teresa and tell her Erin from Grandma Great’s Treasures sent you. It probably won’t get you anything, but it’ll make me look good. 😉 Also follow the link above and like TLC on Facebook!

Earlier today I went back to an estate sale I ran to yesterday to pick up a pair of vintage 1970s Schwinn bicycles I bought. I happened to be in the right place at the right time. So many people were interested in these. The bikes are currently in the shop being looked at (incidentally I took them to the bike shop by my house and noticed the bikes had stickers from that store on them. The store had sold these bikes in the Seventies!), so more as that progresses. And since I’m always up front about prices, I paid $50 each for these beauties. The real cost will lie in the repair, but business is well, so I figure I’ve earned it. Plus, they’re so cool!

When I went back to the sale the prices were 50% off and I picked up a fantastic 1970s vintage quilt with a bold, graphic floral pattern. I’m so excited to share this and put it up for sale, I just need to take a good picture. Stay tuned!

Leave me a comment and tell me where your favorite vintage spot is! As always, happy hunting!

This post approved by Liam, showing me where the tree is in our front yard.

Saturday Scores

Whew! Well the garage sale was a success. We got rid of a lot of stuff and made $278 for us, $52 for my bro and $135 for my step sister and her four tubs of baby girl clothes! The weather was beautiful and it was so nice to spend so much time outside.

My brother was there to help on Saturday so I had a chance to saunter on over to a couple of close estate sales. You can see my Thursday finds here.

On Saturday, I went back to the sale from Thursday as the items were now 75% off! I came home with a free credenza. FREE! It’s currently in the shed, so hopefully progress on that project will be posted soon. I plan on turning it into an entertainment center like the one currently in our living room. I also went to a sale in the same complex and bought an adorable French-made cow creamer ($2) and a couple of stack-able plastic bins for my tiny kitchen ($1). I also found the Alfred Assid wall hangings below ($3). At this sale I learned another valuable lesson: If you want it, buy it. I passed on an amazing 1940s rocking chair hoping it would still be there when I returned with more cash and it was gone. Sad face.

At yet another sale I found the set of yellow mixing bowls seen above ($3 – a steal!) as well as a set of Art Deco silver kitchen canisters ($5) (help me decide whether or not to use them in my kitchen here) and a whole mess of embroidery hoops ($6) I plan on using for some art (like this).

As always, you can find my treasures for sale in my Etsy shop.

Happy hunting!

Kitchen Canister Vote-off!

Last Saturday I picked up an adorable Deco set of kitchen canisters with the intention of selling them. I’ve had my 1950s red retro kitchen canisters just about as long as I’ve been married (8.5 years) and I like them, but then I thought, maybe it’s time for something new. Here’s my kitchen as it currently stands. Also note the stacking baskets on the yellow cart that I scored at another Saturday sale for $1! I love a good space saver in my tiny kitchen. You can read about what I call “America’s Smallest Kitchen” here.

Here’s a closeup of my red canisters, the inspiration for my retro kitchen.

And here is the kitchen with the Deco silver canisters.

Now it’s time for you to decide. Vote below. And while you’re at it, leave me a comment telling me what era inspires you most in your home decoration. Maybe it varies from room to room. My kitchen/dining are very mid-century, but I find the rest of my house to be more 1930s and 1940s.

Lunch Break Treasures

Our garage sale starts bright and early tomorrow morning, so needless to say I won’t be getting to any sales this weekend. But I’m OK with that. Someone please get all this junk out of my house! And pay me. 🙂

There were a couple of sales close by today that I hit and found a few items worthy of the pot.
First, a Marushka screen print, a whale of a bank and a yellow bowl.

For the life of me I cannot figure out what the markings “USA P-8” mean on the bottom of the yellow bowl. But I’ll keep digging. $1
The whale bank is cuter than the dickens and was handpainted by a lady for someone’s birthday. $1
The Marushka screen print does have some history. Richard Sweet founded Marushka in 1971 to sell affordable silk screens. They were around $24 and were mostly found in apartments and dorms. They were popular in the 1970s and 1980s. The last Marushka was printed in 1989. Sweet died in 2007. I took a risk purchasing it for $6 not really knowing this history other than my BB telling me via Ebay that others were trying to sell them. Turns out it’s fairly valuable.

Another fabulous find was this large (probably 2.5×3′) framed floral yarn art. I have this sick affinity for yarn art, and when I say yarn art it makes me think of yard art. But this one called to me from across the room. I had to have it. And it was only $3. Isn’t it fantastic? It’s OK if you don’t like it. Just don’t tell me.

And that’s probably all for this week. I’ll be garage-sale-ing it up for the next few days and hopefully find some time to work on my next project. My workspace is in dire need. (hint)