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Hello, 30

I’m assuming everyone has mixed emotions about every age starting with 30. As C.S. Lewis put it, time is a strange concept for beings who were created eternal, and the fact that I’m turning 30 tomorrow is frankly really, really strange. But, we are who we are and tomorrow, I will in fact be one year older, which just happens to be 30. It’s a number and I’m still me. And I like me. As a point of reflection on this important turn in my life, I thought I’d look back on all I’ve accomplished in the past decade.

Had the most wonderful man propose to me
Grew my hair out
Spent summers as a camp counselor
Graduated college with an associate’s degree for the first time
Took a semester off, substitute taught children and waited tables
Got hitched
Started school again
Waited more tables
Graduated college for the second time, with my bachelor’s in Journalism
Got a dog
Got my first adult job
Lived without my mom in the same state for the first time
Got my second adult job
Moved away from my hometown
Chopped my hair off
Started a business designing wedding invitations
Bought a house
Got another dog
Came face to face with the idea of losing my father (thankfully it did not happen)
Had a baby
Bought my first-ever new car
Started a business selling vintage things and refinishing vintage furniture
Figured out who I really am
Started growing my hair out again

Along the way I made some really great, lifelong friends. I found out parents and brothers can be some of the best friends you’ll ever have. I’ve celebrated 12.5 years with the love of my life, who is the most understanding, supportive, caring, amazing Rock Star I’ve ever known. And I’ve known the unconditional love of becoming a parent.

I visited Mexico, San Diego, Las Vegas (twice), Branson, Pagosa Springs and Phoenix.

So bring it on 30, because I’m better than ever, and so excited to see what the next 10 years holds.


About Erin Shipps

Life in your thirties can sometimes feel like you're stuck between what has happened and what's yet to come -- like being amidship. But I'm forging through with thrifty household decorating, DIY projects, health advice, and just life. When I'm not crafting my local Kansas City magazine VintageKC, I'm busy being a rock star's wife and mommy to the most beautiful 3-year-old. Welcome to our world amid the Shipps.

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  1. Erin you have begun a legacy that will endure. It is represented in my memory of you as a baby, a child, a teen, a married woman and a wonderful mother. I am thankful for every moment I spend with you.

  2. I’m glad that we reconnected and can share fun stories from our 30s together!

  3. Well said, Erin, about the life you are living and paths you have chosen. I’m very proud to be your Auntie!

  4. Go girl! You’re wonderful. And 30 isn’t so bad. 😉


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