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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Weekend Treasures

During the week I don’t step outside much. I work from home and am car-less in the evening, so most of a day had passed before I realized there was an estate sale two doors down from my house last week. I wasn’t planning on going to any sales last weekend, but it was so close and convenient. Plus, it was run by this wonderful group of old church ladies, who run the bi-annual sales at a church nearby, and they are so nice and in love with my son. We visited nearly every day, even brought them cookies one day. And I managed to find a few treasures Saturday at half-price.

Treasures include: Four mason jars, three with an awesome star logo and one from 1976 featuring the Liberty Bell ($.25 each). A vintage hanging closet purse organizer, NIB, $.50. Three vintage DIY needlework and crafts books $.50 each. Crewelwork that just needs a frame $3, blue/white pot holders $.25 for the pair, yellow doily $1, two scarves $.50 each, a knit hat for myself $1, a 1968 calendar towel $.50, and a yellow/brown/floral apron $1.

I also found this fun owl wall hanging for $2. I love the teal and green mixed together on the flowers and leaves.

In honor of the holiday this week I thought I’d also take time to give thanks for 10 things:
1. A happy, healthy family that supports and loves me.
2. My nearly 17-month-old son, who I still don’t believe is real every time I hold him.
3. A warm home and our needs being met.
4. The opportunity to work from home, which means I get to see my boys more.
5. An outlet for creativity, even if is just in my spare time.
6. Visions for the future to drive me daily.
7. A husband who still loves me in every way imaginable after 12 years together.
8. A business of my very own and the opportunity to write about it here. Check out my Etsy link on the right.
9. Friends who make an effort regularly to be in our lives.
10. Art, music, and vintage treasures to appreciate and be inspired by daily.

Happy hunting everyone and happy Thanksgiving!


A Mobile to Honor Veterans

Things have been a little slow around here on the biz front. I threw two parties in the last week and it wiped me out. I love hosting parties, cooking for people. Of course we have a very small house, but we try to cram in as many of those we love as possible.

I have managed to shine up a few things to sell on Craigslist and made a couple of sales from my Etsy shop, one of which was particularly relevant that I wanted to share.

I found a handmade copper mobile at an estate sale months ago. It was lovingly hanging in an office and it was surely made by a veteran. It had four small airplanes that circled around to the Air Force Song (Into the Wild Blue Yonder) and I held on to it for a long time. Maybe I wasn’t ready to get rid of it; maybe it was waiting for the right person. Within days of listing it, the mobile sold just after Veteran’s Day. I deemed it appropriate and I’m so glad it found it’s new home.

Reading my feedback on my Etsy shop and making connections with people locally gives me such gratification for all the hard work it is running my own business. It makes it all worth it.

Pinspiration and a New Friend

Every once in a while I get inspired enough to actually execute something I’ve pinned on Pinterest. Here’s my “Pinspiration”. (And please excuse my craptastic camera. I definitely need a new one!)

First, I mentioned the fabric I found at a great store here.

I’ve been wanting to create something to balance out the wall around our TV since hanging an old window I received from my aunt last June. When I scored a mess of embroidery hoops at an estate sale, I knew I wanted to use my Pinspiration to make some art. And see how well it balances now?

If I could define myself in a piece of fabric it would be the large floral print here. I love it so much!

And though it’s hard to see, the little blue guy below it has the most adorable little heart-shaped yellow flowers.

I’ve also been needing some visual stimulation on the wall upstairs around our desk. I’ve been leaning toward a more modern red/white/black motif there (not sure why), so I picked fabrics accordingly and painted just the outer hoops on the sides and front white or black.

I also picked up a black frame from TLC Thrifty Boutique. For some reason at this point I was too lazy to paint a frame myself, and I like Theresa. 😉 I matted it with some love scrapbook paper I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby ($.17) and printed a motivational statement to inspire and remind me every day how lucky I am to have the opportunity to love what I do.

And since sometimes I get lonely at my desk, I needed a pal. Insert Hubert (Hugh), whom I found at an estate sale last weekend. He keeps me company and I pretend he’s in the jungle next to my spider plants.

The embroidery hoop art is so easy it’s ridiculous. And you can change it out any time you tire of a particular pattern. Simply place the fabric between the two hoops and trim the excess. And since most come with a natural wood finish, they are easy to paint without priming. What have you been Pinspired to do lately? I’d love to see!

A Bit of a Binge

This is what is known as a binge:

But I couldn’t help it! I hit up a Brown Button (my fav) estate sale and it was all half price! I’ll try to get through everything, from the left. Six plastic cups $.63 each, poppy art $3.25, milk glass $3.25, teal/brown table cloth $4.50, orange/cream curtain $1, cream/brown small table cloth $1, large floral yarn art $4 (love!), jar of buttons $3.50, two round ceramic pots (green and blue on the right) $5 each, vintage oven mits (not from BB sale) $2, small spice rack (barely seen) $.50, antique 1881 flower tile $10, NIB vintage flower counter protectors $1.50, two original James Bond books from the 50s and 60s, Casino Royale and The Man with the Golden Gun $6 and $5, yellow teapot $7.50, wire hanging basket $2.50, two wood inlay art pieces $3.50 and $6, antique ceramic elephant$2.25, and two ceramic flower mugs $.75 each. Whew!

In addition I also found an amazing store this weekend called Fabric Recycles in Overland Park. I have probably driven past it a million times and never noticed. It’s all remnants of fabric, which are perfect for crafts! I am using a lot of the following stash for some embroidery hoop art around the house. More on that later!

I also found two great pieces for the Rock Star and myself. A vintage houndstooth fedora and a sweet record player stand! I had no idea record player stands existed until I did some research on Ebay. I wouldn’t have known what it was had I not done the research. Sweet score for $5. It’s perfect. Someday it’ll get cleaned up and painted, but I wanted it in place for now.

It has been two weeks since I’ve gotten to the sales and it was such a fun weekend of hunting! Now back to the projects.

P.S. I finally finished cleaning the chrome on the legs of my blond maple table and listed it on Craigslist yesterday. She’s a beauty!

So there’s the weekend’s update. I’m dreading cataloging and listing all these new finds, but it’s always worth it in the end. Click on my Etsy link on the right of this page to see more treasures for sale. Happy hunting!

An Award to Start the Day

Happy Friday everyone. I’m so glad it’s the weekend so I can get to the sales and get working on projects! This morning I received a nice surprise when my friend Amy at Buffalo Roam chose me as one of three “Versatile Bloggers”. First of all, I love Amy’s blog. She and her husband are building an amazing house using re-purposed materials, she has the most adorable son, and the most amazing writing style. I love following her life’s adventures. Plus, she grew up with the Rock Star, so she’s OK in my book. 🙂 So go check out her blog.

So how this works is threefold.

First, I gladly link back to Amy’s awesome blog.

Second, I tell you seven things about myself.

1) I turned 30 almost exactly a month ago and I was OK with it because I’m thankful for where I am and I like who I am.

2) I love my family more than anything. I’m especially thankful to have my father so close. He’s fought cancer and made it through triple-bypass surgery and I’m so proud of him.

3) I love animals. I even considered becoming a zookeeper as recent as last year.

4) I love music. A lot. I’m so glad I found the man I did who loves music, too, and is so good at it! Check out Fullbloods.

5) My husband bought me woodworking books for my birthday. I’m pretty sure that’s rare. Not a mixer or jewelry or other pretty, sparkly things, woodworking books. And I love it. He supports my passion around every turn, no matter what, and I count myself very lucky.

6) I love dinosaurs. I wanted to be a paleontologist when I was a kid and am trying to talk my brother into going on a digging expedition as volunteers, just so I can show myself I really don’t want to dig in the dirt all day long.

7) Obviously I love all things vintage. I love history and the creativity involved in re-purposing, refinishing and reusing.

And third, I pass the award along to three other blogs.
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And here’s a happy belated Halloween from the cutest puppy in my house (sorry Frankie and Jovie):