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Pinspiration and a New Friend

Every once in a while I get inspired enough to actually execute something I’ve pinned on Pinterest. Here’s my “Pinspiration”. (And please excuse my craptastic camera. I definitely need a new one!)

First, I mentioned the fabric I found at a great store here.

I’ve been wanting to create something to balance out the wall around our TV since hanging an old window I received from my aunt last June. When I scored a mess of embroidery hoops at an estate sale, I knew I wanted to use my Pinspiration to make some art. And see how well it balances now?

If I could define myself in a piece of fabric it would be the large floral print here. I love it so much!

And though it’s hard to see, the little blue guy below it has the most adorable little heart-shaped yellow flowers.

I’ve also been needing some visual stimulation on the wall upstairs around our desk. I’ve been leaning toward a more modern red/white/black motif there (not sure why), so I picked fabrics accordingly and painted just the outer hoops on the sides and front white or black.

I also picked up a black frame from TLC Thrifty Boutique. For some reason at this point I was too lazy to paint a frame myself, and I like Theresa. 😉 I matted it with some love scrapbook paper I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby ($.17) and printed a motivational statement to inspire and remind me every day how lucky I am to have the opportunity to love what I do.

And since sometimes I get lonely at my desk, I needed a pal. Insert Hubert (Hugh), whom I found at an estate sale last weekend. He keeps me company and I pretend he’s in the jungle next to my spider plants.

The embroidery hoop art is so easy it’s ridiculous. And you can change it out any time you tire of a particular pattern. Simply place the fabric between the two hoops and trim the excess. And since most come with a natural wood finish, they are easy to paint without priming. What have you been Pinspired to do lately? I’d love to see!


About Erin Shipps

Life in your thirties can sometimes feel like you're stuck between what has happened and what's yet to come -- like being amidship. But I'm forging through with thrifty household decorating, DIY projects, health advice, and just life. When I'm not crafting my local Kansas City magazine VintageKC, I'm busy being a rock star's wife and mommy to the most beautiful 3-year-old. Welcome to our world amid the Shipps.

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  1. All of it is so cute! I wouldn’t have expected the reds, blues, and blacks out of you, but I like! I bet Hugh is a great work buddy. hehe!


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