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What. A. Week! So I know the posts have been few and far between lately…I suppose sometimes that’s just life. Last week I went on a vintage-decorated home tour for the magazine I’m starting and today I met with a local vendor who has so many projects going. I make more connections every day and somehow stars keep aligning. Some days I can actually see my dream of a local vintage magazine in Kansas City coming true. A sweet office in the West Bottoms above the vintage stores (ignoring the fact that they’re also right next to all of the city’s Haunted Houses), a staff, a magazine on paper… could this really happen? Is this really my life? It’s so easy to get insecure, overwhelmed and intimidated. But I’m working on some art to help boost my confidence and keep me going. More on that later.

For now, on to the finds! I’ve been to a few great sales lately. Blue Tape sales run during the off part of the week, usually Monday-Wednesday, which is a nice break from the chaos that is trying to get to all the sales on the weekends.

At the sale last week I found a few items worth pulling the trigger on:

I love the light turquoise color of these towels (or napkins?) and the diamond pattern is awesome. They are hand-stitched.

I’m still not sure what struck me so much about this teapot teapot rest, other than the blatant irony. But I think it has nice lines and it’s cute.

These prints caught my eye at the last minute. They are drawings of the first automobiles and I thought they would look so great reframed and displayed together. Haven’t decided if I have a place for these or if I will sell them…hmmm…thoughts?

Last at this sale I picked up these super fun red 80s placemats. I’ve been in an 80s state of mind with the upcoming fashion shoot for VKC, so maybe I was subconsciously drawn to them. But they happen to coordinate very well with this find from Bella Patina a couple weeks ago:

You may or may not (but definitely will) be seeing this in our first photo shoot! Exciting!

I found one more item over the weekend by accident. I think I’ve mentioned the church ladies who sometimes have sales around the area. They don’t put their sales on Craigslist (where I find most of my sale info), so I’m lucky if I stumble upon them. But they are the sweetest ladies and as I’ve said, they love Liam. Luckily I found them last weekend and promised to bring Liam by. He hammed it up, showed them how smart he is and soaked in all the love. Meanwhile I was scoring this sweet little tray:

For $1. Yay!

As for the other items at the Blue Tape sale, my grand total was $20. I love half-price time at Blue Tape sales because if you’re over $20 by a little bit, she’ll always round you down. It’s like getting free stuff ya’ll!

So what did you find this weekend? Anything grand? Any words of advice to keep me going when I’m totally intimidated and feeling out-of-my-mind crazy?


About Erin Shipps

Life in your thirties can sometimes feel like you're stuck between what has happened and what's yet to come -- like being amidship. But I'm forging through with thrifty household decorating, DIY projects, health advice, and just life. When I'm not crafting my local Kansas City magazine VintageKC, I'm busy being a rock star's wife and mommy to the most beautiful 3-year-old. Welcome to our world amid the Shipps.

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  1. Great finds! I’m so, so, sooooo excited for you and your new venture! Keep your chin up – good things are coming!

  2. Erin, your dream of a local vintage magazine can come true. I for one, and really looking forward to it! You have a passion for vintage and the experience to put together a magazine. The perfect recipe for success.

    P.S. I am in love with the red/orange purse. I am finding myself drawn to 80s finds lately too:)

    • Thank you so much Rachel! It’s amazing how the slightest bit of encouragement snaps me right back in. The purse was only $5! I didn’t want to accept the 80s coming back, but they’re doing it really well in the stores!

  3. I wonder if those auto pictures would look good in our house, especially if we had someone to arrange them for us. If you want to sell them, let me know so I can consult the CEO.

  4. You’re inspiring, Erin. I believe in you. 🙂


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