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Weekend Treasures

This afternoon I have my very first real-life, no really this magazine is a real thing, no more taking days off because you have about a month to finish this thing before the printer needs it, vintage home tour photo shoot. My local vintage magazine is starting to take shape and as always, it’s scary, exciting, surreal, weird, you name it.

I took a jaunt down to the West Bottoms last Saturday to check out the new Hickory Dickory, Bella Deux (upstairs at Bella Patina) and Good JuJu’s new location. You’ll see photos in the upcoming mag. But I met a few new people and they were all very excited, which is always encouraging and a welcome lift to my spirit! So as scared as I am to pretend I know what I’m doing in coordinating photo shoots and working with highly creative people, this week I’m determined to be the person I see in my future.

Oh and I saw Hunger Games. Loved it! Reading book 2 now.

On to the treasure hunting. This is from the last couple of weeks. Just odds and ends.

First is this little ditty I found at a backyard sale on Easter Sunday. Sacrilegious? Idk, but I also picked up some drawer organizers and two toys for Liam. This suitcase cost me $5. I tried to talk her down, but it didn’t belong to her, so oh well…

And then there’s this loot. Ya’ll know I love my yarn art, so this lovely number in the back with the probably too many roosters around the outside had to come home with me. $2.5o at half price. The teapot on the left compelled me to take it home because you know what? The 60s are coming back and mushrooms are all the rage. Ok, in my mind, but I swear they’re coming back. $1 at half price. The yellow planter has orange specks and is from a place in Missouri. I may have to keep it. $1 at half price. The vintage cards in the box were from an estate sale and something like $.10. The rooster coasters were $.92 for the four from the Salvation Army. Lastly, the how-can-you-have-a-bad-day-when-you-cook-with-happiness pot I found at an estate sale. $5 at half price. To be fair, the Rock Star spotted that one before I did and knew I’d have to have it. He knows me…

Some of these items will be up for sale soon on my Etsy. You can find the link on the upper right corner.

Happy Hunting! And may the odds be ever in your favor. 😉


One of my Favorite Thrift Stores

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Shortly after we moved into our home I discovered a nearby thrift store called Through Our Children’s Lives. It’s a small shop tucked in among other stores, but you can’t miss the big moving truck they have out front with their name on it. As thrift stores go, it’s good. If you dig, you’re bound to find some treasures.

But that’s not what I love about this store.

I’ve been going to this store since Liam was a baby and the sweet woman who runs it has always been so loving to him. I don’t know why this surprises me though, considering the name of her business.

The store’s proceeds go toward helping victims of domestic abuse. It’s a wonderful cause.

But it gets better.

Whenever you bring your child in with you, they let you pick out a free book. I love this. I strongly believe in the importance of reading to a child.

They also have donated bread you can choose from every time you make a donation or purchase.

Last week I strolled in to browse as I sometimes do and I walked out with this loot for $2.72.

And here’s the breakdown:
The shorts were originally $2.99, but because they also have awesome sales, that day clothing under a certain price was automatically $2.
The dinosaur must have been about $.50.
The car was free because the sweet owner rummaged through a bin and picked it out for my very grateful son. Who does that? Loving people do that.
The books were free. Technically you’re supposed to get one, but I think she likes us. It is one book and one coloring book.
The bread was free! Although I recommend using or freezing this bread right away because it is donated, I usually never have a problem eating bread. I used the asiago cheese round to make grilled cheese sandwiches to go with tomato soup and the Italian bread I cut to make meatball subs.

If you’re in the OP area, I definitely recommend stopping in to Through Our Children’s Lives. I have friends who have found great deals and you can’t beat the love you’ll receive. 😉

Weekend Treasures

Man there were a ton of sales last weekend in my area, but sometimes quantity is not quality and I only came away with a handful of items. But, ever the optimist (OK sometimes the glass is half-empty), I’m excited about the things I uncovered, at half-price!

These two dinosaur banks are all part of my evil plan to impose a love of dinosaurs on my nearly 2-year-old son. I wanted to be a paleontologist as a kid — seriously, hardcore wanted to be one — so I hope he catches on. They were hand carved and I think they’re pretty cool.

Triceratops ($1.50) says, “How you doin’?” and brontosaurus ($2.50) responds, “Oh I’m so bashful, don’t talk to me.”

Next I snagged this beautiful square table cloth. It’s turquoise in the middle with gold butterflies. GOLD BUTTERFLIES! It’s super sweet. $12.50

I found this adorable little apple kitchen timer in a garage for $1.

These locally made in Tennessee ceramic bowls were a total of $3 and I found them in a basement. I love their little yellow insides.

I couldn’t pass up these canisters at a garage sale. There’s something about them that tickles me. Plus the whole set was a whopping $3.

See the detail? Pretty sure they’re not very old, but we’ll see.

This cute little planter was hanging out with the apple timer in the garage. $1

And finally I grabbed these two sets of napkins ($1/set) in hopes my husband’s band Fullbloods might use them. See…the colors match!

Ah well…excited for another weekend of sales. What did you find last week? I’d love to see it! And as always you can find my items for sale on my Etsy. I swear I’ll have these items up soon…as well as the last batch. Oops!

Happy hunting people!

Weekend Treasures

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What. A. Week! So I know the posts have been few and far between lately…I suppose sometimes that’s just life. Last week I went on a vintage-decorated home tour for the magazine I’m starting and today I met with a local vendor who has so many projects going. I make more connections every day and somehow stars keep aligning. Some days I can actually see my dream of a local vintage magazine in Kansas City coming true. A sweet office in the West Bottoms above the vintage stores (ignoring the fact that they’re also right next to all of the city’s Haunted Houses), a staff, a magazine on paper… could this really happen? Is this really my life? It’s so easy to get insecure, overwhelmed and intimidated. But I’m working on some art to help boost my confidence and keep me going. More on that later.

For now, on to the finds! I’ve been to a few great sales lately. Blue Tape sales run during the off part of the week, usually Monday-Wednesday, which is a nice break from the chaos that is trying to get to all the sales on the weekends.

At the sale last week I found a few items worth pulling the trigger on:

I love the light turquoise color of these towels (or napkins?) and the diamond pattern is awesome. They are hand-stitched.

I’m still not sure what struck me so much about this teapot teapot rest, other than the blatant irony. But I think it has nice lines and it’s cute.

These prints caught my eye at the last minute. They are drawings of the first automobiles and I thought they would look so great reframed and displayed together. Haven’t decided if I have a place for these or if I will sell them…hmmm…thoughts?

Last at this sale I picked up these super fun red 80s placemats. I’ve been in an 80s state of mind with the upcoming fashion shoot for VKC, so maybe I was subconsciously drawn to them. But they happen to coordinate very well with this find from Bella Patina a couple weeks ago:

You may or may not (but definitely will) be seeing this in our first photo shoot! Exciting!

I found one more item over the weekend by accident. I think I’ve mentioned the church ladies who sometimes have sales around the area. They don’t put their sales on Craigslist (where I find most of my sale info), so I’m lucky if I stumble upon them. But they are the sweetest ladies and as I’ve said, they love Liam. Luckily I found them last weekend and promised to bring Liam by. He hammed it up, showed them how smart he is and soaked in all the love. Meanwhile I was scoring this sweet little tray:

For $1. Yay!

As for the other items at the Blue Tape sale, my grand total was $20. I love half-price time at Blue Tape sales because if you’re over $20 by a little bit, she’ll always round you down. It’s like getting free stuff ya’ll!

So what did you find this weekend? Anything grand? Any words of advice to keep me going when I’m totally intimidated and feeling out-of-my-mind crazy?

A New Love

I scouted a couple of estate sales last Friday and fell in love with something I couldn’t have. He was beautiful: strong arms, lean lines, excellent condition. But alas, he was $65 and mama’s bank account just ain’t that deep. But I had a plan.

There are few things I have gone back to sales for on half-price day, and even fewer that were still there by the time I dragged my carcass out of bed. This time I was determined. I set my alarm for 7:30 (gasp) I know…but my little love usually wakes us up around 8 and I couldn’t take the risk. I threw on some clothes, pulled the hair up and took off for the sale.

Which started an hour later than I thought it did. Hmph…

So I went to another sale down the street and found my dear friends the church ladies. I’ve been to many of their sales. They go to a church down the street from our house and when they were running a sale two doors down I went a few (dozen) times and they fell in love with Liam. And we brought them cookies. Now they remember me. 😉

Still having 40 minutes til the sale started I decided to do the Rock Star a favor and bring donuts because little one had kept us up most of the night. That cheered him up.

Donut in hand, I headed back out to the sale. It was about a 10 minute drive.

When I pulled up there were about five other cars there. When I saw the sale company car pull into the driveway I hopped out and ended up being the fourth person in line. I’ve never waited in line for a sale to open, but I suppose that’s what you gotta do sometimes!

And it paid off. I busted through the door, ran down — I mean politely scooted around — some older ladies, and bolted down to the basement. Hooray! It was still there. I snatched it and trotted back up stairs to purchase my half-price treasure.

So what was it?

Isn’t he beautiful? He’s everything I dreamed he would be, and more. And I’m going to leave him just the way he is.

I love the way he sits in our living room. I would say don’t tell the Rock Star about my new found love, but he’s already in love, too.

What great treasures have you found lately? I’d love to see!

Sharing the Love Valentine’s Giveaway!

Happy V-Day friends! I hope you’re all madly in love this year. Here are a couple of my favorite items for sale right now:

This plate set is so retro fab with its polka dot design!

And this silver pot rest set, which I have not mentioned before, I scored at a thrift store for half price. I love how the one extends for larger pans! I’ve never seen anything like it.

I’ve been putting a lot of attention to the first-ever issue of VintageKC as of late. Boy it takes a lot of work to put together a magazine all on your lonesome. I’ll be glad when those days are over. 🙂 So projects have taken a back seat, and as luck would have it, the sales have not been close enough for me to get to either. Which means, today is your lucky day!

I’ve done one other giveaway over at Homemade Ginger, but this is my first-ever on my own blog. Here’s how it’s going to work…

You’ll receive one entry for each of these things:

1. Head on over to GGTs on Etsy, then come back here and tell me your favorite item via the comments section.

2. Follow GGTs via the button on the right side of the page and leave a comment telling me you’ve done so.

3. Like GGTs on Facebook and leave me a comment telling me you did so. You’ll find a link for that on the right, too.

No cheating! I’ll send my dogs after anyone who deceives me. Oh who am I kidding, my rat terrier couldn’t even catch a mouse and my other dog is well … stupid.

I will literally put all of your names in a hat and draw the winner. That lucky person will receive $5 off any item for sale in my Etsy shop. Lucky for you there are many $5 items. And bonus if you live close, I’ll make arrangements to meet up and knock off the shipping, too! Make sure I have your email address to contact you.

Contest ends Wednesday night at midnight!

Good luck friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you feel loved today.

Repurposed Barnwood Table

Last week I revealed my barnwood-top hairpin leg table over at Buffalo-Roam. I promised more details so here we go!

I placed at bid on this table at a Brown Button estate sale a while ago. I have a love/hate relationship with Brown Button. I love their stuff, but unlike other sales they know the value of everything! 😉 I guess you could call it good business… But I placed a bid on this table for just under half price hoping no one else would see the potential. I’ve since gotten to know some of the Brown Button people better (like Michael who has a son not too much older than my own) and I’d say the relationship is more love now. Seriously check out their sales any time you can! Anyway, here’s the table before.

Do you see the gold-flecked awfulness? Oh you need a better look?

I’m pretty sure someone out there loves it. But it’s not me. Of course the top had to go. But then I couldn’t decide between tile and wood to replace the top. Because while I liked this, I also liked this and this. Ultimately I decided the barnwood was more en vogue, not to mention free to me. 🙂

I wish I would have taken a before picture of the barnwood slat. Just imagine me hauling (ok let’s be honest, Grandpa loves helping his eldest grandchild) my 81-year-old grandpa out to his shed to find the sole remaining piece of barnwood in his collection. I’m sure Grandpa shakes his head at what a young-in like me takes a liking to, and he said he’s never had a picker stop by. I told him one day I’d be more bold and rummage through his shed with the caving-in floor. The very same shed where he pulled out his table saw and sliced the barnwood in half for me so it would fit in the trunk of my brother’s car.

Christmas Eve Eve I persuaded my father-in-law to help me (do it for me) cut the pieces down even further. We debated whether or not to do three equal-sized slats vs. staggering the widths, only to find out there wasn’t enough wood to do three equal pieces. Luckily I was on board with the staggered idea. We assessed the location of nail holes, knot holes, paint patches, etc. and I got to bring home a great Christmas present: wood cut for free. 🙂

I sanded down the rough edges, power washed the boards and used a bristle brush to remove any dirt leftover. Then I used spray poly to seal the deal.

Somehow my red kicks always seem to photobomb my pictures. And nevermind the leftover pink paint from a Christmas present project, or the fact that this picture was taken in January and the grass is still green in Kansas. Weirdo weather. But isn’t this wood beautiful?

I laid the wood on the hairpin leg base and actually ended up securing the boards together on the bottom with a metal brace. But now she looks like this.

I love every little imperfection, hole, nail mark, paint splotch and discoloration. Isn’t that what rustic is all about? I’ve also got pieces left over and I plan on using every scrap of that precious barnwood. More projects to come! The table will be up on Craigslist shortly. We’ll see how much I can squeeze out of it.

Stay tuned, on Thursday I’ll go over how I turned $2 shutters into message boards for my nieces for Christmas. Been waiting to share that one for a while! Happy hunting!

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