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A Change of Pace

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Life is good. As I’ve mentioned, the premiere issue of VintageKC was a huge success and as I build the next issue I can’t think of a more blessed place to be. I am truly living my dream.

But it comes at a small price. I will be closing Grandma Great’s Treasures’ Etsy shop for the time being and selling off the inventory locally sometime in the next couple of months.

When I started hunting and reselling, the purpose was to fund buying things for our own home – and support my habit. 😉 But I’ve decided I just can’t keep up with it and I need to focus the money more on items and projects for our home.

Never fear, my blog is not going away, just reformatting. I’ll talk more about our lives, get personal, showcase projects around the house and so much more. The title of my new blog will be AmidShipps. I’m not sure if following will transfer, so if you need to find me again, try

I look forward to continuing our journey together!


Dreams and Courage

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It’s been more than a month since my last post and just more than one week since the first printed issue of VintageKC hit the Kansas City scene.

Last week was the longest week of my life.

I’ve had such an overwhelming response to the premiere issue of VintageKC Magazine that I can hardly keep up with the loving readers, stores wanting copies and businesses wanting to advertise.

I did not expect this.

I knew this was a good idea. The vintage scene in Kansas City is growing, vibrant and so creative. But the extent of love and support from the community has been beyond my wildest dreams. They embraced VintageKC with open arms.

In one week I’ve lined up the next home tour and fashion photo shoot for the fall issue. That took me months to do before. And I’ve made so many wonderful connections with such inspirational, amazing people.

And I couldn’t be more grateful, humbled.

I’ve discovered a lot about myself in the last few months. And I’ve found that Matt Damon was right: All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage.

It’s taken a lot of courage, a lot of picking myself up and pushing forward.

And it was worth every second.

I’m fulfilling my dreams and I never thought that would happen. I’ve been in the magazine industry for 6.5 years and I know that each step I took was a step to get me to this very moment.

In GGTs news I have yet to unpack boxes of treasures and I’m honestly not sure how much I can keep up with at this time. But I’ll do my best! I do so love treasure hunting.

For those who live outside the KC area who would like a subscription, you can purchase one here. Copies are available around town for free.

Follow your dreams friends.

Until next time…

A small hiatus

Fear not friends, I’m still alive. I have so many wonderful treasures to share with you from the past couple of weeks, and alas, no time. The first issue of VintageKC is in full swing and I’m swimming up to my eyeballs in working three jobs.

I miss this space and I miss your faces.

Tomorrow I’ll be in sunny AZ visiting my mom for a much needed vacation from all this stress. I’m. so. excited!

I’ll be back soon with more treasure hunting and projects to blow your mind. Until then…stay safe and happy hunting!

Valentine’s Giveaway Winner!

Hey friends!
It’s been quite a week. Things are moving along with the new magazine; great connections being made!

Now for the real business of the day: the winner from last week’s giveaway. This person receives $5 off any item in my Etsy shop.

And after drawing a name out of a bowl…

the winner is…


I know I talk about Amy from Buffalo Roam a lot, but to be fair, she did have three entries in the contest b/c she follows me here and on Facebook and also told me what she loves in my shop.

I’m excited and can’t wait to have one of my items in her home! Congrats Amy!

Weekend Treasures

During the week I don’t step outside much. I work from home and am car-less in the evening, so most of a day had passed before I realized there was an estate sale two doors down from my house last week. I wasn’t planning on going to any sales last weekend, but it was so close and convenient. Plus, it was run by this wonderful group of old church ladies, who run the bi-annual sales at a church nearby, and they are so nice and in love with my son. We visited nearly every day, even brought them cookies one day. And I managed to find a few treasures Saturday at half-price.

Treasures include: Four mason jars, three with an awesome star logo and one from 1976 featuring the Liberty Bell ($.25 each). A vintage hanging closet purse organizer, NIB, $.50. Three vintage DIY needlework and crafts books $.50 each. Crewelwork that just needs a frame $3, blue/white pot holders $.25 for the pair, yellow doily $1, two scarves $.50 each, a knit hat for myself $1, a 1968 calendar towel $.50, and a yellow/brown/floral apron $1.

I also found this fun owl wall hanging for $2. I love the teal and green mixed together on the flowers and leaves.

In honor of the holiday this week I thought I’d also take time to give thanks for 10 things:
1. A happy, healthy family that supports and loves me.
2. My nearly 17-month-old son, who I still don’t believe is real every time I hold him.
3. A warm home and our needs being met.
4. The opportunity to work from home, which means I get to see my boys more.
5. An outlet for creativity, even if is just in my spare time.
6. Visions for the future to drive me daily.
7. A husband who still loves me in every way imaginable after 12 years together.
8. A business of my very own and the opportunity to write about it here. Check out my Etsy link on the right.
9. Friends who make an effort regularly to be in our lives.
10. Art, music, and vintage treasures to appreciate and be inspired by daily.

Happy hunting everyone and happy Thanksgiving!