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One of my Favorite Thrift Stores

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Shortly after we moved into our home I discovered a nearby thrift store called Through Our Children’s Lives. It’s a small shop tucked in among other stores, but you can’t miss the big moving truck they have out front with their name on it. As thrift stores go, it’s good. If you dig, you’re bound to find some treasures.

But that’s not what I love about this store.

I’ve been going to this store since Liam was a baby and the sweet woman who runs it has always been so loving to him. I don’t know why this surprises me though, considering the name of her business.

The store’s proceeds go toward helping victims of domestic abuse. It’s a wonderful cause.

But it gets better.

Whenever you bring your child in with you, they let you pick out a free book. I love this. I strongly believe in the importance of reading to a child.

They also have donated bread you can choose from every time you make a donation or purchase.

Last week I strolled in to browse as I sometimes do and I walked out with this loot for $2.72.

And here’s the breakdown:
The shorts were originally $2.99, but because they also have awesome sales, that day clothing under a certain price was automatically $2.
The dinosaur must have been about $.50.
The car was free because the sweet owner rummaged through a bin and picked it out for my very grateful son. Who does that? Loving people do that.
The books were free. Technically you’re supposed to get one, but I think she likes us. It is one book and one coloring book.
The bread was free! Although I recommend using or freezing this bread right away because it is donated, I usually never have a problem eating bread. I used the asiago cheese round to make grilled cheese sandwiches to go with tomato soup and the Italian bread I cut to make meatball subs.

If you’re in the OP area, I definitely recommend stopping in to Through Our Children’s Lives. I have friends who have found great deals and you can’t beat the love you’ll receive. 😉


A Bit of a Binge

This is what is known as a binge:

But I couldn’t help it! I hit up a Brown Button (my fav) estate sale and it was all half price! I’ll try to get through everything, from the left. Six plastic cups $.63 each, poppy art $3.25, milk glass $3.25, teal/brown table cloth $4.50, orange/cream curtain $1, cream/brown small table cloth $1, large floral yarn art $4 (love!), jar of buttons $3.50, two round ceramic pots (green and blue on the right) $5 each, vintage oven mits (not from BB sale) $2, small spice rack (barely seen) $.50, antique 1881 flower tile $10, NIB vintage flower counter protectors $1.50, two original James Bond books from the 50s and 60s, Casino Royale and The Man with the Golden Gun $6 and $5, yellow teapot $7.50, wire hanging basket $2.50, two wood inlay art pieces $3.50 and $6, antique ceramic elephant$2.25, and two ceramic flower mugs $.75 each. Whew!

In addition I also found an amazing store this weekend called Fabric Recycles in Overland Park. I have probably driven past it a million times and never noticed. It’s all remnants of fabric, which are perfect for crafts! I am using a lot of the following stash for some embroidery hoop art around the house. More on that later!

I also found two great pieces for the Rock Star and myself. A vintage houndstooth fedora and a sweet record player stand! I had no idea record player stands existed until I did some research on Ebay. I wouldn’t have known what it was had I not done the research. Sweet score for $5. It’s perfect. Someday it’ll get cleaned up and painted, but I wanted it in place for now.

It has been two weeks since I’ve gotten to the sales and it was such a fun weekend of hunting! Now back to the projects.

P.S. I finally finished cleaning the chrome on the legs of my blond maple table and listed it on Craigslist yesterday. She’s a beauty!

So there’s the weekend’s update. I’m dreading cataloging and listing all these new finds, but it’s always worth it in the end. Click on my Etsy link on the right of this page to see more treasures for sale. Happy hunting!